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Corporate Finance Private Equity Capital Raising Salient Success Stories Short & Medium Term Funding
Salient Noteworthy Transactions Successfully Concluded by Praxley

2003 Appointed by Dutch Bank ABN AMRO to assist in various debt recovery initiatives in respect of their South African operation.
2003 Appointed by ABB Equity Ventures Bv. to dispose of their 100% interest in Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (“KMIA”), a mandate which Praxley successfully retained for some 6 (six) years.
2004 Appointed joint advisor to the Postbank on a successful corporate restructure in conjunction with global consulting giant AT Kearney. 
2005 Successfully advised on the sale of a 10% equity stake in Gravure Cylinders (Pty) Limited (“Gravure”) to a BEE Consortium structured and funded by Praxley. 
2005 Successfully capitalised and launched Praxley Human Capital, an Executive Search company boasting clients such as Sasol, BP, ABB, Lion of Africa and Telkom to name but a few. 
2006 Successfully advised on the sale of a 24% equity stake in NATCO SA International Transports (Pty) Limited (“NATCO”) to a BEE Consortium structured and funded by Praxley. 
2006 Successfully advised on the sale of a 26% equity stake in Trempak Trading (Pty) Limited (“Trempak”) to a BEE Consortium structured and capitalised by Praxley. 
2006 Appointed sole advisor to On Digital Media (Pty) Limited (“ODM”) to secure capital for the launch of Top TV with Praxley successfully raising some R800 million in debt and equity funding from the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (“IDC”) the Development Bank of South Africa (“DBSA”) and the National Empowerment Fund (“NEF”) to ensure the successful launch of Top TV in 2010. 
2006 Advised on the formation of Didget Printing (Pty) Limited (“Didget”) and successfully secured the requisite capital for Didget to commence operation.
2007 Successfully advised on the sale of a 30% equity stake in ITB Manufacturing (Pty) Limited (“ITB”) to a BEE Consortium structured and funded by Praxley Private Equity and the Industrial Developement Corporation of South Afice ("IDC").
2007 Successfully advised on the sale of an additional 23% equity stake in Gravure to the BEE Consortium that was structured and funded by Praxley.
2007 Negotiated and successfully secured the funding for Gravure to acquire the property from which it operates in Benoni. 
2007 Appointed by Synergy Freight (Pty) Limited (“Synergy”) to conclude a BEE transaction culminating in Praxley successfully disposing of 26% of the issued share capital in Synergy to Nozala Investments (Pty) Limited (“Nozala”). 
2008 Successfully advised on the sale of a 70% equity stake in Natal Rubber Group to Praxley Consortium Six (Pty) Limited which included Nozala and successfully raised debt in excess of R40 million to fund the leveraged investment transaction.
2008 Successfully capitalised Lerechabetse Advanced Products (Pty) Limited (“LAP”) on the back of a BEE transaction in terms of which a BEE Investment Consortium acquired 50% of LAP. 
2008 Advisor to Ms Monhla Hlahla on strategies and negotiating tactics pertaining on how best to divest of her 5% shareholding in Lereko Investments (Pty) Limited (“Lereko”) resulting in a successful exit being orchestrated by Praxley in respect of Ms Hlahla’s shareholding in Lereko later the same year. 
2009 Successfully advised Synergy Freight (Pty) Limited (“Synergy”) on the acquisition of Krew Logistics (Pty) Limited (“Krew”) culminating in Synergy acquiring Krew which remains the cornerstone of Synergy’s operations in Cape Town.
2009 Successfully advised publically listed Indian conglomerate GMR Group Limited on the acquisition of South African based Homeland Mining and Energy (Pty) Limited.
2009 Succesfully raised R67,2 Million in funding from the Industrial Developement Corporation of South Africa ("IDC") (R27,2 Million) and The National Empowerment Fund (R40 Million) for the production the Feature Film entitled "WINNIE" which premiered in 2013.
2010 Successfully negotiated and secured the funding for Monhla Hlahla Investments (Pty) Limited (“MHI”) to acquire an additional shareholding in Praxley. 
2010 Successfully formed and capitalised Nkonki Praxley Corporate Finance (Pty) Limited, a joint venture between well-known auditors Nkonki Inc. and Praxley. 
2010 Successfully raised R20 million in funding for Natal Rubber Compounders (Pty) Limited to acquire a new rubber compound mixer. 
2010 Successfully concluded the R850 million Capital Raising for ODM and its operating company Top TV with the IDC, DBSA and NEF. 
2011 Successfully advised and concluded an acquisition of a 39% equity stake in Galaxy Jewellers (Pty) Limited (“Galaxy”) by a BEE Investment Consortium comprising Praxley and Galaxy Management. 
2012 Successfully advised on the sale of a 26% equity stake in Tyres 2000 (Pty) Limited to a BEE Consortium structured and capitalised by Praxley.
2012 Successfully advised Universal Healthcare (Pty) Limited (“Universal”) on the purchase of a 19% equity stake in Universal from ABSA Bank by a BEE Consortium structured and capitalised by Praxley.
2012 Advisor to South African Airways SOC Limited on a recapitalisation by National Treasury which enabled SAA to successfully restore solvency and avoid going concern issues which were being raised at the time. 
2012 Successfully advised Telkom SA Limited on the proposed sale of a minority equity interest in Telkom SA Limited to Korean Telecom. 
2012 Successfully advised NATCO on the acquisition of an additional 10% equity stake in NATCO from the founding shareholders by NATCO management and Praxley with Praxley acquiring a direct equity stake in NATCO.
2013 Successfully advised on the acquisition of a 26% equity stake in Clive Morris Productions (Pty) Limited by a BEE Investment Consortium that was structured by Praxley.
2013 Successfully advised Imperial Holdings Limited on the disposal of JD Group’s 50% shareholding in Ariva to Merchant West Holdings (Pty) Limited.
2013 Successfully advised on the sale of a 15% equity stake in Galaxy Jewellers (Pty) Limited (“Galaxy”) to Caratco (Pty) Limited (“Caratco”), the South African subsidiary of Rosy Blue the multinational manufacturer and polisher of rough and polished diamonds.
2013 Successfully concluded the sale of a 30% equity stake in Gravure Health by Praxley Consortium (Pty) Ltd.
2014 Advisor to global skills and training conglomerate GEMS Skills on identifying and successfully concluding the acquisition of CBM Training (Pty) Limited. 
2014 Successfully capitalising and empowering GEMS Skills SA (Pty) Limited with a BEE Investment Consortium being structured by Praxley and co-owned by Ms Monhla Hlahla. 
2014 Successfully formed and capitalised Praxley Corporate Finance (Africa) (Pty) Limited, a Namibian based corporate finance advisory firm having as its local Namibian partners Black Diamond Investments. 
2015 Successfully advised Nuvo Rubber Compounders (Pty) Limited (“Nuvo Rubber”) on the acquisition of Bearcat Tire CC (“Bearcat”) which was culminated in Nuvo Rubber acquiring 100% of Bearcat. 
2016 Advised GD Irons Construction (Pty) Limited (“GD Irons”) on a transformation strategy resulting in a successful joint venture being established between GD Irons and highly regarded BEE investment group in the form of Thebe Investments (Pty) Limited. 
2016 Advised Caratco on the acquisition of the entire shareholding of Galaxy which was successfully concluded.
2016 Successfully advised Agri Renaissance SA (Pty) Limited (“Agri Renaissance”) on a shareholder restructure and capital raising resulting in the recapitalisation of Agri Renaissance. 
2016 Successfully advised Clear Asset (Pty) Limited (“Clear Asset”) on BEE transaction culminating in Thebe Investments (Pty) Limited acquiring 51% of Clear Asset. 
2016 Successfully concluded a Due Diligence for China Huayang Economic and Trade Group (Hong Kong) Co. Limited in respect of a South African acquisition in the resource industry. 
2016 Star Times, one of the largest digital terrestrial and satellite television companies in the world, acquired ODM and Top TV out of Business Rescue paid Praxley its outstanding Success Fees owing to Praxley on the ODM Capital Raising following five (5) years of protracted litigation between Praxley and ODM. 
2017 Structured and secured a large Debtor Financing Facility for Machine Tool Promotions (Pty) Ltd, which facility was accorded by Merchant Factors.
2017 Successfully advised Browns The Diamond Store (Pty) Limited ("Browns") on the acquisition of a minority shareholders interest in Browns and asssisted in preparing a detailed valuation of Browns for the purpose of concluding the acquisition of the minority shareholders interest. 
2017 Advised on the successful acquisition of ITB by JSE listed Novus Holdings Limited for a combined purchase consideration of some R250 million.
2017 Successfully aquired the entire shareholding held by Mr Mafison (Murphy) Morobe in Mamu-Realeka Investments (Pty) Ltd.
2018 Successfully advised shareholders on the sale of a 26% equity stake in HSJ Landgoed (Pty) Limited, t/a “Technoarts” to Equity Investors.
2018 Successfully advised Nuvo Holdings (Pty) Limited on the buy-back of its BEE shareholding previously held by Nozala Investments (Pty) Limited.
2018 Successfully structured and raised the capital for the LSP Group to acquire a commercial property measuring some 20.2 hectares in extent from Grinaker – LTA Prop (Pty) Limited.
2018 Praxley's co-founder, Monhla Hlahla, appointed to the board of NATCO, to drive growth intiatives at NATCO.
2019 Successfully advised HSJ Landgoed (Pty) Limited t/a Technoarts, on the aquisition of Zevoli 224 (Pty) Ltd.
2019 Successfully aquired a significant eqiuity stake in JSE Listed Ellies Holdings Limited on behalf of a mandated client.
2019 Praxley and Investec Bank Limited successfully disposed of the respective shareholding in NATCO for a significant return of their initial investment.
2020 In January 2020 Praxley provided assistance to FTI Consulting and Kreston Johannesburg Inc. in compiling an Independent Valuation Report on the various Investee Companies comprising the Praxley Group i.e. The Praxley Private Equity Portfolio.
2020 In the second half of 2020 Praxley increased its shareholding in the following two (2) Praxley Group companies:

  • Nuvo Rubber Compounders (Pty) Limited and the entire Nuvo Rubber Group; and
  • Technoarts and its wholly owned subsidiary, Zevoli.
  • 2020 In late 2020, Praxley acquired a portion of Monhla Hlahla’s shareholding in two (2) of the Praxley Group Investee Companies while ensuring that she still remained a significant shareholder in numerous other entities comprising the Praxley Group.
    2022 Advised on the Balance Sheet restructuring of Soviet Holdings (Pty) Limited (“Soviet”), the holding company of the well-known “Soviet” Brand.
    2022 Successfully structured, negotiated and concluded the sale of a 40% shareholding in Technoarts by well-known Limpopo Businesswoman, Ms Claudie Mac Lean.
    2022 Praxley Private Equity successfully acquired acquired Red Coral (Pty) Limited, a Gauteng based property investment holding company.
    2023 Successfully structured, negotiated and concluded the sale of a 50% shareholding in Somnicento (Pty) Limited (“Somnicento”), a Limpopo based commercial property investment holding company.
    2023 Successfully concluded a share-buy-back and shareholder restructuring of previously black-owned Andulucia Trading (Pty) Limited (“Andulucia”) on behalf of Andulucia’s largest single shareholder.