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Empowerment Credentials

Praxley is a 'Level 4' BBBEE Contributor

Praxley has embraced transformation while at the same time continues to place emphasis on service excellence and delivery. Praxley's commitment to sustainable empowerment is evident in the company's shareholding, empowerment initiatives, procurement, joint ventures and social responsibility policies.

Management and Employees

Praxley is committed to employment equity with the majority of employees being black men and women. Praxley's commitment to sustainable empowerment is evident in the company's management and employment practices.

Praxley facilitates BEE transactions and is skilled in securing debt and equity for such transactions. In this regard, Praxley has a close association with organisations such as the IDC and DBSA and is committed to assisting these organisations with their transformation agendas.

Management and Shareholders in Praxley have a successful track record of concluding BEE transactions on the back of key strategic alliances in the South African market.

Praxley offers independent and confidential advice on BEE transactions and is able to secure the most appropriate partners for any corporate. Over the past decade, Praxley has structured 'tailor made' BEE Consortiums to complement clients' strategies and the industries in which they operate.

In its role as advisor, Praxley utilises the intellectual capital of Praxley's high profile BEE shareholders and partners to identify the most appropriate BEE consortium and structure to complement the client's business.

Praxley identifies and obtains funding from the appropriate financiers for specific BEE transactions. Praxley compiles comprehensive proposals and Information Memorandums on the respective companies in line with The Financial Institution's Credit Committee standards.

Through Praxley Private Equity, Praxley commits resources to transactions thereby instilling confidence in the BEE Investors as well as the financiers.

Praxley assists in the raising of debt and equity for BEE transactions as well as advising on the most appropriate structure ensuring that fair value is paid for the BEE shareholding.