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What We Do

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Corporate Finance

Praxley has successfully concluded in excess of 300 Corporate Finance transactions since 2003 across a range of industry sectors.

Below are some of the typical transactions that Praxley would advise on;

Advising Shareholders on Strategic Disposals and Acquisitions
  • Praxley Private Equity has grown out of various transactions. In its role as advisor, Praxley offers specialist advice on how to acquire or dispose of businesses, ensuring that shareholder value is achieved.

  • Praxley leverages its existing relationships to ensure that the right BEE Investors are secured in concluding well structured and well funded BEE transactions.

  • Through our expertise we are able to ensure that any disposal or acquisition process is well co-ordinated, structured and formalised.

  • Praxley ensures that detailed Information Memorandums are prepared clearly presenting a bankable structure from which financiers and investors can make informed credit/investment decision.

Company Valuations
  • Praxley is skilled at preparing Company Valuations for the purpose of :
    • Buying out existing shareholders;
    • Facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions; or
    • Assisting Divorce / Matrimonial Disputes.
Benefits to Clients - Corporates/Shareholders
  • Ability to disclose confidential issues within the company in a confidential forum and not as in the case of large advisory institutions where information may be more widely distributed.
  • Benefit of Praxley approaching investors and financiers on behalf of the company with the company being able to focus on their core activities.

  • Ability to obtain access to banking knowledge ensuring that bankable structures are proposed to secure approval from the various bank's Credit Committees.

  • Ability to access Debt and Private Equity through existing Praxley relationships.

  • Ability to access senior decision makers within the Banking Industry and Development Finance Institutions.

  • Ability to introduce high profile BEE investors who are able to contribute equity to fund transactions and ensure that transactions are bankable and value that;is realised by sellers of equity.